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Our Process

We generate a great deal of value as financial advisors by understanding your financial needs and providing asset management in Naples, Florida. A large part of our job is to act as a barrier between investors and their own worst instincts. We help to provide a buffer between both the Buy & Sell button. In order to give sound advice it is imperative you go through our process so that you feel comfortable with us and we get to know your specific needs and goals.

We know that over your lifetime there will be economic, political, and market events that will create significant emotional hurdles. Our mission is to assist you to clear these obstacles. We help talk you off the ledge during the inevitable bouts of turmoil we will face in the future. We also help you with major issues similar to, but not limited to, the following:

  • Retirement: Let you live the life you have earned. You may be nearing retirement and unsure of when, how, and to what extent you can draw sustainable income off your investments. A well-prepared financial advisor will help you not only plan for this, but will ensure that you don’t get in your own way.
  • Leave a Legacy: Determine if you are able to pay for your children or grandchildren’s college education. Help determine succession planning of a business or income property. Determine an Estate plan for multi-generational wealth transfer.
  • Savings and Investments: Determine how much to save, what to invest in, when to invest. Set financial goals for the future. This includes vehicles such as 401k’s, IRA’s and Roth IRA’s.
  • Fixed Income: We understand the risk averse investor and can help analyze a Fixed Income portfolio and make recommended adjustments.

Step 1 Stress test Your Portfolio

Stress Test Your portfolio

Take our Risk Analyzer questionnaire. It is extremely important to test your current allocations against hypothetical markets and your portfolio. This is a free service and should be done as soon as possible to avoid entering markets with a portfolio that your tolerance level cannot withstand.

Step 2 Attend A Seminar or Workshop

Attend a seminar. SCH Financial Group conducts an ongoing seminar series that includes both in house and guest speakers presenting topics on Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Income Planning, Retirement Planning, Medicare, Healthcare, and Tax Planning.

Step 3 Interview

Schedule a time to go through our interview process either by phone or in person. In order to assist you with your financial decisions it is important for us to gather enough information about you to assess your holistic financial picture and create a program tailored to your needs. Click here to prepare for the interview.

Step 4 Your First Appointment

Schedule an appointment with an advisor to review your stress test and financial goals. During this appointment you will determine together with your advisor what your financial objectives are and a plan to help you achieve financial goals.

Step 5 Implementation

From this point forward we will implement strategies to help you achieve the goals that were determined in Step 4. We will then continue to invite you to ongoing seminars and meet with you on a Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual basis determined by your needs.

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