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Dynamic Triggers Strategy

The DynamicTriggers model of investment is a deliberate and methodical approach that we apply to gradually increase your exposure to bonds while seeking to minimize portfolio risk and volatility.

Through this gradual transition to a more conservative portfolio, we are able to secure profits as the stock market rises rather than doing so out of fear or panic as the stock market declines.

Using a deeply diversified investment portfolio of index tracking investments that are specifically chosen according to your personal requirements, we are able to take advantage of market volatility by using a systematic program of ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ triggers.

For every investment, we implement progressive buy and sell triggers. This means that when the market rises, we can sell more of the gain whereas when the market declines, we aim to take advantage of buying opportunities.

Every day we monitor each Index to determine if a ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ has been triggered. As the markets rise, your portfolio’s exposure to bonds will gradually increase.

Increased bond exposure means:

  • Reduced overall portfolio risk and volatility
  • Greater opportunity to capitalize on buying into declining markets
  • Increased profits on strength in the markets

Note: No strategy is able to guarantee the desired results. Investing is subject to market risks.

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